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Windtronics Turbine Removed from French Test Site

Article by: Paul Gipe

A Windtronics wind turbine under test at SEPEN in southern France was removed within the first month of operation, according to Jay Hudnall, an expert in the French small wind turbine industry.

SEPEN (Site Expérimental pour le Petit Eolien de Narbonne) neither reports on turbines that have not completed testing nor releases test reports for public review without the suppliers permission.

The French distributor for Windtronics plans to test the turbine at its own test site in Brittany, France where it will compare the turbine to a Southwest Windpower Skystream and a Windspire.

SEPEN has completed tests on a number of small turbines, including a Windspire and Skystream.

Hudnall organized the first small wind turbine conference in France, JOURNEES D’ECHANGE sur le PETIT EOLIEN, in February 2011.