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Wind Power for Home and Business

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A Real Goods Solar Living Book

This book is superseded by Wind Power: Renewable Energy for Home, Farm, and Business published in 2004. The new version is not only more up-to-date than the 1993 edition, but also far more comprehensive.

“Wind works, whether it’s for a nomadic herdsman on the Mongolian steppes, a Kansas wheat farmer, or an operator of a wind power plant in one of California’s windy mountain passes.” That’s one of the conclusions reached by author Paul Gipe in a book on modern windmills. Wind Power for Home and Business is a 414-page guide to wind turbines, both large and small intended for homeowners, farmers, and small businesses who want to use wind energy to meet their own needs.

The modern, integrated wind turbines featured in Wind Power have revolutionized one of the most well-known applications of wind energy: providing power at remote homesteads. But in contrast to the machines built during the 1970s, these advanced wind turbines are simple, rugged, and reliable.

Wind Power for Home & Business includes chapters on how to evaluate modern wind turbine technology, how to install wind turbines safely, how to design a stand-alone power system for living off-the-grid, and how to use electricity-producing wind turbines to pump water in rural areas. The extensive appendix includes easy to use tables for estimating the annual energy output of any wind turbine anywhere in the world, and lists manufacturers of wind turbine in the United States, Europe, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

Wind Power for Home & Business (ISBN 0-930031-64-4) is available by calling +1 800 639 4099 in the United States, +1 902 455 4286 in Canada, +44 18 03 86 38 43 in Great Britain, +49 61 261 91 19 in Switzerland, +46 8 745 19 34 in Sweden, +27 11 702 2300 in South Africa, and +61 49 97 08 11 in Australia.

About the Author

In addition to Chelsea Green’s Wind Energy Basics, Paul Gipe is the author of the landmark Wind Energy Comes of Age, which was selected by the American Library Association as one of the outstanding academic books of 1995. In 1998, the World Renewable Energy Conference hailed him as a “pioneer in renewable energy,” awarding Gipe one of the organization’s highest honors for his two decades of writing and lecturing about wind energy. Gipe lives in Bakersfield, California.