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Pocket English-German Wind Dictionary: Taschenwörterbuch Windenergietechnik

Article by: dev

The pocket bilingual dictionary is published by OffTEC, a leading provider of training courses for onshore and offshore wind industries. The dictionary is designed for trainee wind turbine service and maintenance technicians. 

Based on actual terminology found in operation and maintenance documentation, the dictionary should be of interest to service technicians already working in the sector.

Designed to get students through the technical English part of the German IHK wind turbine service technician exam, it has been tried and tested.

It is also used as an integral part of OffTEC/KWS training for the wind turbine engineering sector.

The 156-page English-German dictionary is printed in the A6 format, so you can easily pop it in the pocket of your overalls when you have to nip up to the top of a turbine.

The recommended retail price is 20 euros (plus p&p), and it is available from OffTEC (k.hansen@offtec.de).

Taschenwörterbuch Windenergietechnik / Pocket Wind Dictionary, Offtec Base, Enge-Sande, Germany, 156-pages, 2014, ISBN 978-3-00-046579-6

May the wind always be with you.