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NW Energy Coalition Passes Resolution in Support of FITs

Article by: Paul Gipe


The Northwest Energy Coalition passed a resolution in support of feed-in tariffs at its annual conference on November 14, 2009 in Seattle, Washington.

The resolution is the first endorsement of feed-in tariffs by the Coalition, one of the longtime renewable energy advocacy organizations in the northwest US. The Coalition represents more than 100 environmental, civic, and human service organizations, progressive utilities, and businesses in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alaska and British Columbia.

The Coalition’s action is unique in North America in that the coalition includes electric utilities, consumer and ratepayer advocacy groups, as well as traditional environmental organizations.

The NW Energy Coalition’s resolution calls for feed-in tariffs that

  • Differentiate tariffs by technology,
  • Differentiate tariffs by project size,
  • Are available for the expected life of the technology,
  • Are subject to periodic review,
  • Are linked to energy efficiency programs,
  • Protect low- and fixed-income ratepayers,
  • And that work alongside existing policy.

NW Energy Coalition Feed in Tariff Resolution 11-14-09